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007 – Finally Overcoming Obstacles – How To Overcome Obstacles and Not Be Overcome By Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles
Finally, overcoming obstacles?
YES! This 7th Episode of The Success Sculpting Show is about about how to overcome obstacles and not be overcome by them.
Booker T. Washington once stated, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”
Wherever you are in your life right now, you arrived on the wave of obstacles. However, today’s obstacles tend to overshadow the obstacles we overcame yesterday and we forget how strong and resilient we really are.
Let’s not hesitate here, let’s jump right into the Show so finally for you overcoming obstacles becomes a fact and not fiction.
Here’s a snapshot of what we will cover in this Episode.
The 5 Primary Internal Obstacles
1. Worry (Uncertainty about the future)
2. Depression (Not in agreement with what has happened or is happening)
3. Fear (Loss obsession)
4. Intimidation (Seeing yourself as small and incapable by comparison)
5. Doubt (Belief in your limits)
The 3 Locations of Obstacles
1. Where you’ve been (past)
2. Who you’ve become (present)
3. Whom you’re becoming (future)
The Wrestling Match
1. Resisting reality
2. Fighting the facts
Remote Controls In Your Control
1. Replaying your past
2. Preplaying your future
3. Playing your present
Counter Attacking The 5 Primary Internal Obstacles
  • Problem: Circumstances are a breeding ground for worry, depression, fear, intimidation and doubt.
    • Solution: Take your eyes of your circumstances and put them on what you’re looking to create.
  • Problem: Hopelessness is the primary fuel for worry, depression, fear, intimidation and doubt.
    • Solution: Guard your mind with hope so your faith has soil to be grounded and rooted in.
5 Steps Out Of The Straight Jacket Of Obstacles
1. Don’t just define the problem, discover the solution and opportunity.
2. Be accountable for your life. Taking responsibility for where you are gives you your power back.
3. Don’t turn a cut into an amputation.
4. Help yourself through accepting (not blaming), forgiving (not resenting) and surrendering (not resisting)
5. Move beyond your feelings of distress, discomfort and defensiveness.
It’s not what other people have done, it’s what we’ve have done in reaction to other people.
And for the real secret to finally overcoming obstacles is to realize that obstacles are like nails, hammers and wood. They are the raw material for building the life your desire.
The path to finally overcoming obstacles is to not looking at how you avoid them, it’s looking for how do you use them.

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