Understanding What Is Asirvia Go – The Whole Truth About Asirvia Go

Exactly what is Asirvia Go? That is a question that many businesses and those interested in becoming an affiliate of the popular Asirvia MLM opportunity regularly ask themselves. In very simple terms, the Asirvia Go is a way to automatically promote someone’s business, by attracting new customers.


What Is Asirvia Go?

What Is Asirvia Go

What Is Asirvia Go?

Basically, Asirvia Go is a device that offers a lot of applications.

It is a very small piece of hardware known as a “Go” that fits within the palm of the hand. This comes with a web-based platform on which the various services can be accessed.

Specifically, a business can specify the links and promotional messages they want the device to send out. It then broadcasts the message containing the links, and this message can be seen by any device that has Google Nerby and Bluetooth enabled within a 100 yards of the device and also within 360 degrees of the device.

Simply put, it is the most advanced form of proximity marketing, which has been proven to be successful.

What Kind of Business Should Use It?

This type of device can be used by a variety of businesses.

For instance, storefront businesses such as boutiques, fitness clubs, salons, and restaurants all want to find another way to attract new customers. They can do this, for instance, by having anyone who is within the 400 m radius of their business receive a special offer if they go to the store. The potential impact of this is huge.

Service providers can also benefit from it. Anyone from an electrician to a dog walker, from a tile fitter to an interior decorator, can clearly see the advantages of this type of device.

These professionals are always on the go. They move between clients, hoping that others see their marketing message on their vans, uniforms, work signs, and so on. Adding proximity marketing to this is a fantastic way of getting a business’ name out there.

Then, there are the sales professionals.

Thanks to this device, they can share their opportunity, service, or product with anyone that is within the 400 m radius of their location.

They can create an advertising message that works for them, with a link included, and instantly start to attract more people.

Equally, events and organizations can use this type of device in order to promote things such as trade shows, sporting events, conventions, conferences, concerts, and so on.

Their message can be spread in any location where a lot of people have gathered. Considering that 60% of all mobile devices in this country are Android-powered, it just goes to show how many people could be reached through this device.

So what is Asirvia Go?

Basically, it is a fantastic opportunity for businesses across the country to market themselves, attracting new prospects and leads and turning them into paying, returning, happy customers.

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