Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life

Change Your Thinking
Written by Stephen Pierce

Change your thinking and you can change your life.

While we continue to rail against the injustices we are experiencing in our lives we continue to perpetuate these circumstances and events.

However, we hold the power and the promise that we can change, ANYTHING… and at any time we choose to make these changes.

Change Your Thinking Works like this…

Everything that occurs in your life is interpreted BY YOU. You add the meaning to it. You add the emotional response to it. In fact, you add

It is your own thoughts that literally take the energy “data” and transpose it into your reality.

Whatever it is that you consider to be “real” is nothing more than an agreement that you’ve made with yourself (and no doubt many others in some cases) about what constitutes “reality” for you.

In effect, you’ve created your very own trance state, and then agreed to live in it!

This is how your reality has been shaped.

This is how you have learned what is possible, and what is “impossible”, and (guess what) we all do this as long as we remain unconscious to this idea of personal responsibility for the events in our lives.

This is the important part.

Most of what we have learned in life (the stuff that we think is real) we have learned from OTHER PEOPLE.

However, the effects of this are profound, because (guess what) these other people (usually our family and friends) all have their OWN limiting belief systems, which is the stuff they ALSO consider to be “real”.

Can you see how insane that approach to life could get?

So, (I hear you ask) if you change your thinking will real changes happen fast?

Well, yes and no. Ultimately the speed at which change occurs depends on how much negativity you’ve been living with in your own life, to date.

The internal change in how you experience life visually and emotional can happen in a split second. The change outwardly and materially (even financially) happens more progressively than instantaneously.

Change Your ThinkingChange Your Thinking? YES, It’s time to Wake Up!

The idea of The Law of Attraction – is one of the principles of this grand schema. And that’s really all about energy inflow. Virtually everything around us, from what we can tell is composed of energy, including us Humans.

Even our thoughts are composed of energy. Energy that change actually be measured. That means when you change your thinking, there is a measurable energy change.

It’s through energy that many people believe everything is connected.

Look around you. The trees, rocks, birds animals, the air you breathe, etc.

All of this was created without stress and zero effort on your part.

None of this creation involved your over-analysis, nor any effort by you.

And, all of this creation happens automatically, and effortlessly.

There is abundance and wealth in many forms that is perpetually created around us all and for us all.

The only thing that limits your own creation potential is your own belief system!

Whatever you believe to be so, you are proven to be right and you will even look for things to confirm you are right.

How just is that?

So, to get fast results the FIRST thing I suggest you do is put aside your own disbelief, focus on what you want, and (most important) be grateful for what you already have.

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