HempWorx Dog Treats – CBD Treats Dogs Bark and Beg For

HempWorx Dog Treats
Written by Stephen Pierce

HempWorx Dog Treats – Is CBD Good For Your Dog Too!

It is no secret, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has become a hot new health product in states that have legalized medical marijuana.

The non-intoxicating hemp extract has been credited with helping people to treat a multitude of medical and health issues.

What most of us have not considered is that the same benefits that CBD gives to humans could also help man’s best friends, our dogs.

HempWorx says is it does and have introduced HempWorx Dog Treats.

Of course, before you give your dog HempWorx Dog Treats any new treatment you want to be sure that whatever you give to your pet is safe, of high quality and most of all, it works.

In this review I am going to share with you information about HempWorx Dog Treats from a well-established company, Hempworx, that is formulated with your pets in mind, designed so that the doses are effective and safe and in a way that dogs will find pleasant so that giving your dog CBD oil via the HempWorx Dog Treats will not cause a fuss.

What Can HempWorx Dog TreatsHempWorx Dog Treats Do For Your Dog?

Just like humans, dogs have an internal biological system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a critical system for maintaining health.

There are two types of receptors in the body that bind with chemicals in the body to regulate and keep a healthy nervous system and prevent or reduce many forms of illness such as cancer, arthritis, allergies, glaucoma and many more.

In the brain, the ECS moderates brain activity to reduce anxiety, depression, and aggression.

While science does not fully understand the entire endocannabinoid system, we now know that if the body does not have enough naturally occurring cannabinoid chemicals present then physical and mental illness is increased.

These issues appear to be reduced by supplementing the body’s own cannabinoids with those from marijuana and hemp plants.

That’s why, for centuries, people have used cannabis in many forms to treat illness and why legalization of cannabis products for health is such a great thing for humans, and now, for our pets.

Hempworx researchers have been working to introduce CBD oil in a form that is appropriate for our pets, and Hempworx Pet Oil has recently been released to the world of dog lovers so that our dogs can have the same benefits that humans have been legally enjoying for a few years.

What Is HempWorx Pet Oil?

The CBD oil produced by Hempworx contains the natural cannabinoids obtained from hemp plants. There’s almost none of the THC present; that’s the chemical that gets users high.

In the United States, THC content is strictly controlled, and Hempworx makes sure that levels in their product are correct. Your dogs will not get high from using this product, but they should feel better both mentally and physically.

The company sources all its CBD oil from licensed, organic, farms in Kentucky rather than importing it from unknown sources as many CBD oil suppliers  do.Buy HempWorx Dog TreatsUsing U.S producers gives Hempworx control over the quality in a way that cheaper providers who get their oil from overseas cannot do.

The dosage in Pet Oil is smaller than that used in the human product so that your pet gets what he or she needs for best effect, and no more.

Each serving of HempWorx Pet Oil contains 5mg of active CBD made from pressed hemp seed oil.

If your dog does not like taking the oil, even with the great flavor, then for sure, Rover will go for the HempWorx dog treats!

These are just like other doggie treats expect they contain 2.5mg of CBD and to make them even more tempting they have a rich beef flavor, designed to tempt even the fussiest canine!

Can You Be Sure CBD Is Safe For Your Dogs?

If you haven’t used CBD oil yourself, or are, quite rightly, cautious about giving hemp oil to your dog you are not alone.

Research has been carried out into reducing epileptic fits in dogs using CBD oil by Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital[i].

Their results showed that CBD gave a reduction in seizures of 89% in the treated dogs.

The same team has recently finished promising work on the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs.

This is good news because it shows that what dog owners have seen in their own dogs is real.

CBD has a real, positive, effect upon the well-being of their pets and that suggests that other uses are likely to be real, just as we know they are in humans.

The even better news is that we now know that CBD oil is safe, in the correct serving size, for use with dogs.

Other research carried out at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University looked at the safety of Cannabidiol oil in dogs and its effect as a pain relief treatment in dogs with osteoarthritis[ii].

The research found that CBD gave a significant decrease in pain and an increase in mobility.

The owners of the dogs in the trial reported that their dogs suffered no side effects.

What Do The Dog Experts Recommend?

The American Kennel Club makes some recommendations for owners who want to use CBD with their dogs[iii]:

  • Look for organic to ensure that the product does not contain pesticides, fungicides or solvents. Hempworx Pet Oil is exclusively derived from U.S hemp, organically grown on approved farms in Kentucky.
  • Don’t price shop, higher purity and quality costs manufacturers more. Hempworx Pet Oil is not the cheapest for just that reason!
  • Make sure that the supplier has analysis certificates to ensure the amount of CBD and that there’s little or no THC in the product. Hempworx CBD oil has certification and analysis that you can see for yourself, on their website!
  • Buy the CBD oil in liquid form. That’s because it is the best way to ensure that your dog gets the right dose for its size. Hempworx CBD is sold as oil for this reason, but because some dogs prefer treats, they also sell Hemp Oil Treats.

The Final Analysis Of HempWorx Dog Treats and CBD Oil for Dogs

Hempworx is a leading provider of CBD oil for humans, their products are well respected, made with pure organic hemp oil pressed from U.S produced hemp.

They take care to have their products analyzed for quality and purity.

Their HempWorx Dog Treats and CBD pet oil is aimed at pets and has been formulated especially for their needs.

Research shows that CBD oil is safe to use with dogs and recent studies show that it has the benefits that dog owners have seen for themselves over many years.

If you want to treat your dog for pain relief, anxiety, seizures, glaucoma, and many other distressing conditions then hemp oil is something that you need to consider.

You can find out more about how HempWorx Dog Treats and HempWorx CBD Pet Oil can make your dog’s life better by clicking here.





HempWorx Dog Treats
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Date Reviewed: 02/13/2019
HempWorx Dog Treats are aimed at dogs and have been formulated especially for their needs. Research shows that CBD oil is safe to use with dogs and recent studies show that it has the benefits that dog owners have seen for themselves over many years. If you want to treat your dog for pain relief, anxiety, seizures, glaucoma, quality of life in older dogs and many other distressing conditions then it’s a great idea to let your dog enjoy these HempWorx Dog Treats.