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001 – How To Stay Focused – Don’t Become A Hostage To Distractions


How To Stay Focused

How To Stay Focused Show Notes

In this episode, we will be discussing “How To Stay Focused.”

Here are some of the key points highlighted in this episode;

  • Harnessing the power of focus begins with focusing on what you can control.
  • Focus prevents you from being taken mentally hostage by distractions.
  • Focus is something that you fight for, not pray for.
  • Focus helps you to recognize opportunities instead of being run over by obstacles.
  • Goals keep your focus sober so you’re not drunk on distractions.

As we travel deeper down the road of staying focus, we hit the intersection of goals and it’s here that we will discuss the “3 Types of Goals” which are;

  1. Outcome [Effect] Goals
  2. Performance [Cause] Goals
  3. Process [Cause] Goals

This episode is capped off with an amazing insight as you discover “The Error of Goal Setting” which will give you a different way to look at goals. You will also learn a new pathway to finally achieving more goals with less stress as Stephen shares with you the secret to “Winning With Goal Setting.”

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