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Public Speaking Tips [Part 1 of 10] – 4 Mistakes That Speakers Make

Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking Tips from Stephen Pierce is a 10 part pubic speaking tips video series to help you overcome the fear of public speaking and improve your public speaking skills.

From start to finish, Stephen Pierce presents you with a buffet of public speaking tips, secrets, and instructions the like of which you have never heard or seen before and that he has battle-tested personally and raked in millions of dollars in sales from. Stephen uses his over 16 years of public speaking and sales experience to train you in what’s working now to improve your public speaking and communication skills while helping you to increase your ability to lead others, influence crowds and persuade masterfully so you grow your brand, expand your impact and multiply your profits.

Here is the outline of your Free Public Speaking Tips series

  • 4 Mistakes That Speakers Make [Part 1 of 10]
  • Presentation Pyramid – The Experts Tool For Being A Compelling Communicator [Part 2 of 10]
  • The Formidable Public Speaking Framework That’s Made Me Millions [Part 3 of 10]
  • Vocal Control – Exactly How To Use Your Voice To Mesmerize Your Audience [Part 4 of 10]
  • The 3 Keys To Having A Killer Opening To Any Presentation [Part 5 of 10]
  • Core Concept – How To Quickly Get Your Audience To Pay Attention To What You Say [Part 6 of 10]
  • From Storytelling to Storyselling – Secrets Of Telling Stories That Sell [Part 7 of 10]
  • From Storytelling to Storyselling – Secrets Of Telling Stories That Sell [Part 8 of 10]
  • The Simple Formula For Creating A Flood Of Compelling Content [Part 9 of 10]
  • My Secret Speaking and Selling 27 Point Checklist [Part 10 of 10]

Today’s Public Speaking Tips is on the 4 Mistakes That Speakers Make. In this video you will discover the 4 things that most speakers don’t event know are holding them back from giving crowd please, money-making and memorable presentations.

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