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Public Speaking Tips [Part 2 of 10] – Presentation Pyramid

Today’s Public Speaking Tips is on the Presentation Pyramid – The Experts Tool For Being A Compelling Communicator. In this video you will learn the key elements that go into every presentation. If you want to present to win, then today’s public speaking tip is a must have.

I also posted a bonus public speaking tips video on Faceback.

[⏯NEW VIDEO] Watch Me Close From The Stage – TABLE RUSH! You can watch a bonus video on my Facebook Page here:

In this video I’ll share with you one of my favorite closing methods that you can take and use immediately if you are actively speaking and close at events.

In this video I’ll show you live footage of me using this closing method on stage in Indonesia with an interpreter and still getting a table rush. 😲

I’ll first explain what the closing method is so you know what I’m doing and then I’ll go to the clip so you can see it in action.

Be sure to look out for the next pubic speaking tips video in this series. In the next public speaking tips training video I’ll reveal “The Formidable Public Speaking Framework That’s Made Me Millions” which shows you the elements I’ve used to set up the close from the beginning and throughout the presentation so the audience is primed to flood the tables with orders.

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