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008 – Secret Productivity Hacks – Increase Productivity Immediately With These Rockstar Hacks, Hooks and Wormholes to Working Less


Increase Productivity

If you want to increase productivity and I mean increase your productivity immediately, then listen up…

In today’s episode of The Success Sculpting Show, we will close the “busy loop” and open a portal to outrageous levels of productivity.

My guest for today’s Show is Pete Williams, a true master of getting things done.

Pete is loaded with profit hacks, productivity hooks and secret wormholes to getting more things done in a lot less time.

I’m going to dissect Pete and get him to share with you how to get more done on your keyboard and computer, faster… so you can spend less time at your keyboard.

Here are some of the “Productivity + Work Hacks” highlighted in my conversation with, Australian Pete Williams;

  • – The concept of Core Vs Mechanics; and how this one distinction can free you up from unnecessary tasks in your day.
  • – How to be more productive as an entrepreneur and employee
  • – The importance of leverage; and how to really apply it for massive productivity gains.
  • – Why you need to start relaxing and exercising more, to increase productivity at work.
  • – Find out how to learn to get an entire 40 hours of work done in just 6.

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