Success Quotes #3 – On Overcoming Fear and Doubt

Success Quotes - Overcoming Fear

Success Quotes

Success Quotes #3 – On Overcoming Fear and Doubt

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Doubts become dictators when we don’t subdue them and destroy them.

Doubts pollutes the air you breathe and poison the blood …and to make matters worst, doubt pals around with it’s closes friend called fear.

Fear weaves a cocoon for you to live in that isolates you from your dreams.

One of the greatest fears known to man is the fear of loss. Well, let me tell you… you, I and all of use will always lose something. But let me sharpen this image for you by saying this;

Choose what you will lose…

1). Lose your fear and live your life

or 2). Lose your life because of your fears.

Combined together, when your faith is caught between the pincers of doubt and fear a bright future disappears in the smog of despair, hope morphs into hopelessness and we resort to coping strategies as opposing to advancing and conquering strategies.

Let me add that both doubt and fear are two-faced double-crossing liars.

By that I mean they offer you the illusion of safety by staying where you are and not taking risk and chances and at the same time it sneaks up behind you silently and slices the arteries of your life as you bleed out all your hope and possibilities.

Both doubt and fear are vampires that tempt you to surrender your soul to an abyss of nothingness.

Okay so check this out, the big illusion here is that doubt and fear have a grip on you… oh no my friend, in actuality it is you that have grasped the chains of fear and have sipped the forbidden wine of doubt.

The fastest way to detox from doubt and overcome fear is to understand it’s not over you or under you it’s a manufactured experience inside of you.

You no longer have to go around drunk on doubt and intoxicated on fear. Being a doubtoholic can be a thing of the past.

Release it like you would a handful of hot coals and just get on with your life.

I know that sounds easier said than done, but the way to make it easier done than said is to loose yourself from the unhealthy addiction to fear and the irreconcilable differences your dreams have with your doubts.

It’s a decision that takes as long or as short as you decide it will take.

Give yourself permission to breathe again, to live again.

It’s time for you to come out of the shadows of fear and rise out of the ash of doubt by flapping the wings of faith and allowing the winds of hope to assist you in soaring higher and higher.

Make the decision now to let go of your fears and doubts for the future.

You can look forward to your future with hope and confidence. If today or tomorrow brings joy, welcome it. If it brings challenges, know that you have the strength and fortitude to conquer them.

No longer a coward, you’re courageous and as a result, you are free from the jaws of fear and clutches of doubt.

Avoid fretting over what is to come. And certainly stop fretting over what has already passed you by. Instead, bury the hatchet with your past and seek solutions going forward as you focus on what YOU CAN DO to experience the life you desire.

One thing you can do is to live “IN”  the moment, not simply “FOR” the moment. That means you maximum your impact today with the full understanding of how it influences your tomorrow.

When you are focused on the now, the right here, the today… in this moment, there is no past to imprison you and no uncertain future to frighten.

You can then savor the seconds that tick by while being mindful of the minutes that roll on as discover, tap into and maximize the power of ever hour available to you.

In wrapping this up, let me encourage you to have a “flexible focus”. That means you’re focused intensely on where you’re going, but flexible as to how you get there.

This is necessary because challenges are a natural part of the terrain in life. Understanding the terrain and navigating it is a primary key to success.

Today, you can choose to be carefree (but not careless), Leave the past in the tomb of yesterday, …allow the birth of tomorrow to come in it’s due time and for now discover the beauty and the power available for you today.

Until next time, remember… don’t let you doubts control your future, control the future of your doubts.

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