Success Quotes #3 – On Overcoming Fear and Doubt

Success Quotes - Overcoming Fear

Success Quotes

Success Quotes #3 – On Overcoming Fear and Doubt

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Doubts become dictators when we don’t subdue them and destroy them.

Doubts pollutes the air you breathe and poison the blood …and to make matters worst, doubt pals around with it’s closes friend called fear.

Fear weaves a cocoon for you to live in that isolates you from your dreams.

One of the greatest fears known to man is the fear of loss. Well, let me tell you… you, I and all of use will always lose something. But let me sharpen this image for you by saying this;

Choose what you will lose…

1). Lose your fear and live your life

or 2). Lose your life because of your fears.

Combined together, when your faith is caught between the pincers of doubt and fear a bright future disappears in the smog of despair, hope morphs into hopelessness and we resort to coping strategies as opposing to advancing and conquering strategies.

Let me add that both doubt and fear are two-faced double-crossing liars.

By that I mean they offer you the illusion of safety by staying where you are and not taking risk and chances and at the same time it sneaks up behind you silently and slices the arteries of your life as you bleed out all your hope and possibilities.

Both doubt and fear are vampires that tempt you to surrender your soul to an abyss of nothingness.

Okay so check this out, the big illusion here is that doubt and fear have a grip on you… oh no my friend, in actuality it is you that have grasped the chains of fear and have sipped the forbidden wine of doubt.

The fastest way to detox from doubt and overcome fear is to understand it’s not over you or under you it’s a manufactured experience inside of you.

You no longer have to go around drunk on doubt and intoxicated on fear. Being a doubtoholic can be a thing of the past.

Release it like you would a handful of hot coals and just get on with your life.

I know that sounds easier said than done, but the way to make it easier done than said is to loose yourself from the unhealthy addiction to fear and the irreconcilable differences your dreams have with your doubts.

It’s a decision that takes as long or as short as you decide it will take.

Give yourself permission to breathe again, to live again.

It’s time for you to come out of the shadows of fear and rise out of the ash of doubt by flapping the wings of faith and allowing the winds of hope to assist you in soaring higher and higher.

Make the decision now to let go of your fears and doubts for the future.

You can look forward to your future with hope and confidence. If today or tomorrow brings joy, welcome it. If it brings challenges, know that you have the strength and fortitude to conquer them.

No longer a coward, you’re courageous and as a result, you are free from the jaws of fear and clutches of doubt.

Avoid fretting over what is to come. And certainly stop fretting over what has already passed you by. Instead, bury the hatchet with your past and seek solutions going forward as you focus on what YOU CAN DO to experience the life you desire.

One thing you can do is to live “IN”  the moment, not simply “FOR” the moment. That means you maximum your impact today with the full understanding of how it influences your tomorrow.

When you are focused on the now, the right here, the today… in this moment, there is no past to imprison you and no uncertain future to frighten.

You can then savor the seconds that tick by while being mindful of the minutes that roll on as discover, tap into and maximize the power of ever hour available to you.

In wrapping this up, let me encourage you to have a “flexible focus”. That means you’re focused intensely on where you’re going, but flexible as to how you get there.

This is necessary because challenges are a natural part of the terrain in life. Understanding the terrain and navigating it is a primary key to success.

Today, you can choose to be carefree (but not careless), Leave the past in the tomb of yesterday, …allow the birth of tomorrow to come in it’s due time and for now discover the beauty and the power available for you today.

Until next time, remember… don’t let you doubts control your future, control the future of your doubts.

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Thank you! 🙂


  • Hello Stephen . . .

    Thanks for the advice and useful comments. I agree with you – though I am still very much a novice in internet marketing – that fear and doubt and cast a dark shadow on anyone’s goals and dreams. . . . And for many of us (probably in the proverbial 99% of those who fail at online development), that shadow interferes with our potential for success . . . And let’s not forget that that 99% is 99% of the world, not just any particular market!

    One problem I also find as I continue to build my online marketing strengths and subdue my own shadow, is the challenge to balance between online pursuits and home business interests and the “day-job” ball and chain . . .

    Would love to read your thoughts on that as well in the future. I hope to develop that line from my personal experience soon . . . As soon as I can get some time from work! LOL

    Thanks again . . .

    Ibrahim Siddiq

  • Thanks, again Stephen, you’ve brought another thought-provoking post to the forefront. Like Ibrahim, I too struggle with making a choice to focus on IM, home-business and day-to-day job requirements. But, as you point out, a decision has to be made at some point and all doubts put aside, and focus on the right-now, not the what-ifs.

    Have a fun weekend!



    Doubt will always cover great ideas like cloud covers the day. Only possitive efforts will push it over like a sunny day will send a cloudy morning parking.
    I have always learnt that the bigger the risk, the more the gain or profit. Put faith at work and you will defeat doubt and failure.

  • Extremely inspiring and also a wake up call. As for me when I know I have to do something but my body or my emotions in the moment say “No”, I say out loud my personal values which are: Progress, Action, Courage, Love and Warmth, Health, Happiness, Contribution or I say to myself that where I will be tomorrow it depends on what I will do today so I would better do something productive.

    Take action,
    Ciprian Bud

  • It is beautifully presented, I Thank You, dear friend, Stephen, and with full conviction I wish you very great success, I personally and without emotions, I’m in Algeria, Algiers has more exactemenbt, and I try, I try and I try,,,,,, ect, to participate in sites that allow me to provide end the access to participation, I do not know if the internet world we really reunited in standards share of successes, I find that after several summits of internet access that standards development and change and participation, are not yet concrete, in my life, I am connecting from a cyber,,,,,,, (I do not understand not English, but I translated all the sour brre google translation, in French),,,,, and I insured, and without emotions, dreams, and I realize I want these accdes like any people who love and partricipatioin of the exchanges and friendship connaissaces and many other things that interset enjoy enormously and who aim my wishes, I ais even look at sites of access for disabled and I n persones can not make concrete these standards, I’m handicapped (amputation of the right bra after a car accident in 1981), if I said this, c is always just to justify my desire to participate, and I still can not find, in the same cited for disabled people, I hope that these standards can apply beings in all regions of the world end to give even more desire and love and al croiyance opening real and the stakes, we have reunited our world and I would al avenire that generations futurtes achieve these goals and exchanges of shares, in the standards of humanitarian values​​, and backgrounds who believe in the heights of success to share, I also wish you the very great success, THANK YOU vERY, vERY friendly Mr, Zaidi Abdelwahed

  • Eveyone feels fears from time to time.The winners and prosperous people knows how to overcome on their fears. They doesn’t surrender to the paralyse feeling which the fear sometime cause.

  • Thank you so much for such great inspiration. It seems like i deal with doubt and fear every chance that i get, so I really needed to be reminded of that. Thanks again, your quotes will keep me going for a long time.

  • Really great article. You are so right – the decision to release the grip of fear and doubt can happen in an instant or a lifetime – the choice is ours. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Doubt and fear only exist if YOU are in a relationship with them, without your participation, they DO NOT EXIST.
    And we thought only cats and dogs chase their tails.

  • You know that doubt and fear are no good for you these two go hand and hand. when you read someone’s
    else views on them can really help you get your panties out of a the bunch.

  • I couldn’t have said it any better Stephen.
    Fear is what stops 95% of people from doing what they really want to do in life.

    Especially in the marketing industry, fear of loss can decide whether or not you will ever become successful.

    You covered fear and doubt really well. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Keep it up Stephen.

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