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Susie Carder Talks About Success By Facing Adversity

Susie Carder Interview

Today’s guest is Susie Carder, and she has over 20 years of documented business success, she has operated two $10 million dollar companies with no formal school education and sold them for millions of dollars. She is the creator of the Predictable Success Method, and President/COO for Motivating the Masses and now she helps people just like you build their own successful businesses.

In today’s episode, Susie Carder shares key insights into what she’s learned in having lost it all and rising back up again to succeed in the face of adversity and helping Lisa Nichols grow her company from $1 million to $7 million.


  • [2:20] How the experience of marrying an African-American guy changed Susie’s life.
  • [8:46] The issue of identity crisis.
  • [10:25] Why you need to do what you love for money.
  • [13:33] Why you need to change the mindset that there’s no money anywhere because money is everywhere.
  • [17:03] How to work towards getting the money.
  • [17:48] Consequences for people that are ‘wannabe entrepreneurs.’
  • [20:41] What to do when you don’t feel like working.
  • [23:37] How to surpass the fear of being openly ridiculed in business.
  • [30:15] The biggest challenges of Susie’s past marriage and business and what she learned from it.
  • [38:44] How to develop the mental and emotional strength to start over again in life.
  • [44:52] The legacy Susie wants to leave behind.
  • [48:38] All about her new book that’s coming out soon.


[00:10:00] Knowing Your Business Direction

Susie CarderThe very first step to knowing your business direction and knowing who you are is just to do what you love.

Because if you do what you love the money will soon follow, and you’ll be happy in the direction that you’re going.

Find that one thing that you are passionate about, get very clear about it, cut out the noise, and just go after it.

As we all know it takes money to make money, so you should be happy in what you’re doing so you don’t get burned out in the beginning while you build up your business.

Never let someone else’s opinion shape your reality.

It’s all about finding your calling, your purpose, and then finding out how to monetize what is around you.

[00:13:24] Changing Your Mindset to Find the Money

When you change your mindset you will see that money is all around you and as entrepreneurs, we get to write our own paycheck.

So, it’s really just about where is it?

If you talk to the right people and show them what you’re committed to they will show you what you have.

The best thing you can do is plan out every aspect of your life such as your vision, your plan of action, your goals.

As well as your character, spiritual life, and social circle ECT. You essentially create a GPS for your life which will keep you on track so you don’t get lost.

Then you find your tribe such as this podcast and stay close to others who have their life structured as well as you do.

It is very important to be around people who strengthen you, understand you, and are going in the same direction you are.

Structure your own reality because if you listen to others you’ll never get off of the treadmill.

Then once you build your own life blueprint you have to put everything into action.

Without action, nothing will ever happen.

A great book to read is by Charles Giddens and he talks about how you have to put 10 units of energy in to get 1 unit of results out.

But, once you get what you been working so hard to build, it will flip and now be 1 unit of energy to get 10 units of results.

This is another version of the 80-20 rule. There isn’t any magical fairy dust and you will have to work.

[00:17:24]  No Vision Without a Plan

Susie CarderUnfortunately, 90% of new entrepreneurs starting out just jump in head first without having a clear-cut plan.

The reality of it is without first putting together a business plan you cannot forecast your future.

You can only get so far by winging it and making it up as you go.

Being an entrepreneur and trying to do everything on your own can be very lonely.

Having a coach can be very valuable because they can tell you what you don’t really want to hear, but what will help you in the long run.

It is okay to ask for help there is no need to go at it alone.

[00:20:57] What Do You Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It

You can’t allow yourself to not feel like putting together a plan and just doing it.

When you’re living inside of a vision, one that’s bigger than yourself it causes you to get up early in the morning.

It’s something that you want to do.

And then Financial Freedom will allow you to not worry and is a motivator in and of itself.

Money is the reward for the accomplishment.

To be able to put your kids through college or to have that fancy car, and a big house you have to have money.

You got to have that thing that calls you in your soul and in your belly.

It has to make you uncomfortable.

If it’s not making you uncomfortable then your vision isn’t big enough.

Be nervous, tell people what you’re doing because then it’s out there and you have to do it.

If you don’t tell anyone then you’re invisible and you’re not held accountable. Just be willing to be vulnerable and feel.

[00:23:35] Stepping Out of the Shadows

After you get clear about what you want out of life and you go after it, others opinions about what you’re doing are worthless.

Don’t listen to them.

That’s what cutting out the noise means because the only voice that you need to listen to is your own.

You’ll always have that one percent that hates you for what you’re going after, and even more so when you become successful.

The only thing that matters is what’s in line with you and what you want to do with your life.

You can never let that 1 or 5 people hold you back from what you want to get out of life.

The reality of it is if they can keep you from being successful they don’t have to change what they don’t like about themselves.

So it’s easier just to hold you back.

Step out of the shadows and go after your dream.

One thing to keep in mind is that if every single person is agreeing with you, you’re not causing enough change around you.

Be the person that shakes things up in every person and provokes change.

[00:30:10] Susie Overcame Adversity

I sold my business for millions and I sold it for a growth strategy.

In the middle of that sell, the company that bought our division sold it to another division unannounced to us.

So it went from an educational company to an investment.

The deal was I would get half the money on the front end and half the money on the back end.

They were making decisions that were incongruent with the decisions that I was putting together when creating the company.

They were getting rid of programs that were getting us, customers, to begin with.

But, since they now owned the company they didn’t care what I had to say about the new decisions they were making regarding the company.

I went into the business office and told them we were just going to resign.

They didn’t believe that I was going to leave and said that I had too much at stake.

I just told them I would create a new business and they said you can’t do that you have a non-compete agreement.

So, I said that I would just operate in a different space.

Then on top of that, the market crashed soon after I left the company.

Susie CarderMy net worth dropped from about $10 million to about a half a million.

Because of that, my husband left for Singapore because he decided he couldn’t take the financial devastation.

He just decided to start his life over.

But, I just listen to God’s voice and fix myself up and pushed forward alone.

[00:38:17] The Will to Start Over

If you find yourself in a dark place and the only two options are to stay at the bottom or start over.

The logical choice is to pick yourself up off the floor and start climbing that ladder.

If you decide not to get up and fight you’ve already decided your fate.

Don’t do what’s easy because no one’s going to care if you don’t get up.

You have to do it for yourself.

When you’ve lost it all and you have nothing you will work around the clock and never sleep because you’re in survival mode.

You have to stay hungry and determined.

When you feel exhausted and feel like you can’t fight anymore, just keep pushing! 

You can’t lay down.

[00:44:45] Susie’s Desired Legacy

My character is incredibly important to me because I have to walk the talk.

For me to be a coach I have to set a good example for the people that come to me for advice.

My character is my inner Compass between right and wrong.

I’m always trying to be an amazing woman in the world and that’s my contribution to humanity.

That’s what I want my legacy to be.


  • “A great coach will tell you what you don’t want to hear and will show you what you don’t want to see so that you could always be the person that you knew you could be.” – Susie Carder
  • “If you decide not to get up and fight you’ve already decided your fate.” – Susie Carder
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  • “When you feel exhausted and feel like you can’t fight anymore, just keep pushing!” – Susie Carder 
  • “After you get clear about what you want out of life and you go after it, others opinions about what you’re doing are worthless.” – Susie Carder 




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Susie Carder Talks About Success By Facing Adversity
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Susie Carder Talks About Success By Facing Adversity
Susie Carder, President/COO for Motivating the Masses shares in this interview on the Success Sculpting Show Podcast, how you can succeed in the face of adversity and have success no matter what.
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