Uforia Science DNA Testing for Nutrition – Is It Real or Hoax? Find Out Now

Uforia Science
Written by Stephen Pierce

Is Uforia Science DNA Testing For Nutrition And Health Real?

The Uforia Science home DNA testing seems to be catching the attention of the media and consumers.

The cost of DNA testing has fallen.

What used to cost thousands of dollars can now be reliably done for a couple of hundred dollars or less, and the range of tests has increased.

Given the amount of media interest in Uforia Science DNA testing, it is not surprising that consumers want to know what is going on.

Can DNA testing be used for dna repair and to improve one’s health or is it a bunch of hocus-pocus designed to separate the gullible from their hard-earned cash quickly?

Here’s the thing: as medical knowledge increases more and more of the illnesses that used to either kill us or seriously affect our quality of life are being dealt with.

Even cancer is no longer the guarantee of early death that it once was.

For example, someone I know lived with cancer for almost 40 years.

He used to joke that it would not be cancer that killed him; he was right, in his 9th decade, he was taken from his family by an infection unrelated to cancer.

His cancer had moved from a kidney to his stomach and lastly his lungs.

He had the best possible treatment and, for most of his life, he was scarcely inconvenienced by the cancerous cells inside him.

Today, we have tests that can identify the genes that predispose us to cancer, and other diseases, and take early action to prevent, or manage them.

His later treatment was guided by DNA analysis from a DNA test kit.

DNA Is Not Just About Our Ancestors!

You have undoubtedly read about how DNA is being used to discover more about our ancestry, where our long-ago relations came from.

Something that was once in the realms of snake oil and science fiction is now mainstream.

Countries such as Great Britain and Estonia are building a DNA database of their populations to help improve the nation’s health.

This is real science with real value to us all.[i][ii]

A new field of study has grown up called nutrigenomics which looks at how nutrition affects the likelihood of contracting cancer or other illnesses.

Nutrigenomics examines how our DNA influences the ways our bodies process nutrients and how we can use DNA analysis to create an individual nutrition profile that can enhance our health and life quality.[iii]

We now know that our bodies differ in the way that they process nutrients and that too much, or more often, too little of certain nutrients can increase the likelihood of serious illness.

DNA Health In A Snip (SNP)

Recent advances in DNA analysis has enabled scientists to drill into our DNA to fragments of the whole DNA called Single Nucleotide Polymorphism or SNP and commonly referred to as ‘snips.’

Variances in these tiny elements of our DNA are the most frequently found type of genetic variation among humans.

The SNP represents the substitution of just one nucleotide, a DNA building block. This is the level at which researchers are finding the variances that enable them to understand the individual needs of humans for optimal fitness and health.

There’s no longer any real doubt that our DNA controls the way our bodies handle nutrition or that we can improve our health and quality of life by following a nutrition plan that accounts for everyone’s unique genetic profile.[iv]

Uforia Science

How Can You Benefit From Uforia Science Snips?

Earlier I mentioned someone I know and his battle with cancer.

His fight started well before technology had advanced to where it is today, but in later years DNA analysis not only tracked the disease and identified its type, but also led to suggestions about how to manage his diet and lifestyle.

Today, several companies like Uforia Science offer DNA analysis with claims to provide information about how to eat better based upon the insights gained from the study.

The difficulty is that it can be tough to follow the guidance, to ensure that one is getting what one needs from one’s managed nutrition.

Followers of such plans need to micromanage their diet with time-consuming shopping and food preparation.

Many of us find that extensive planning is incompatible with the kind of busy, active, lifestyle we lead–; indeed, in recognition of this, these programs often aim themselves at sportsmen and women who are already accustomed to intensive dietary management.

For most of us though, such DNA reports end up being little more than generalized instructions to ‘eat more greens.’

If we really want to benefit from the insights that DNA analysis and nutritional profiling can offer, then something else is needed.

You need a way to ensure that you are getting the actual nutritional elements, the macro, and micronutrients that your body needs.

What you need, if you are to get the best from what DNA research can offer, is nutritional supplements that are created for you, and you alone.

Only in that way can you be sure that your body is getting what it needs to optimize your health.

  • To reduce the chances that cancer will ravage your life
  • That your cardiovascular health is protected
  • That the risk of Alzheimer’s is reduced

All these and many more are risk factors associated with both our individual DNA and nutrition.[v]

But You Want The Best Snips, Right?

At the moment, there are, as I noted above, several companies offering to provide reports into your DNA profile related to nutrition, but Uforia Science is the one business that is proposing to actually solve the problem of ensuring that you get what you need, every day, every month, to give your body what it lacks in terms of healthy nutrition.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for a Uforia Science DNA test kit.
  • You provide a DNA sample, just a swab your cheek and that we are swabbing for skin cells. It’s much more accurate that spit/saliva – no discomfort or inconvenience.
  • You send the sample to the Uforia Science laboratory for analysis.
  • A report is generated that shows exactly what your needs are, based upon analysis of the relevant SNPs (snips) in your DNA.
  • A unique package of Uforia nutrition supplements is prepared, packaged and sent to you. Each package carries your name. Nobody else will have exactly the same balance of nutrients in their monthly supply.
  • You have the benefit of knowing that you are doing the absolute best for your body, without time-consuming and costly nutritional management.

Uforia NutritionBecause there’s a lot that you need to know about how Uforia’s process works, you will want to learn about how the geneticists, DNA experts, and nutritionists at Uforia have researched, developed and refined the process.

You will want to find out just how other people have benefited from personalized nutrition.

You need to feel confident, able to make an informed choice to maximize your nutritional health.

Not only that, but you will want to find out about how Uforia guarantees to keep your genetic and personal data secure – something that not all genetic testing labs do.

You can learn more about how nutrition based upon your unique genetic profile will benefit your health and quality of life by checking out the information here.







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Date Reviewed: 04/18/2019
Uforia Science comes as a great surprise to the DNA testing market because they not only offer you a convenient home DNA test kit. You also get accurate DNA test results. However, that's just the beginning. Uforia Science custom designs nutritional supplements based on your DNA. That means, that instead of following the one size fits all health advice that is in abundance on the internet, you can know exactly what your body needs to live a long, strong healthy life... based on what your DNA is saying, not what the so-called experts are saying. This is amazing because Uforia Science gives you the ultimate in designer nutrition that is unique to you just like your DNA and fingerprints are unique to you. If you want to stop guessing what you need to be healthy and strong, if you want to stop following the same'ole advice that isn't working for you and you're ready to dial into precisely what your body needs, then I HIGHLY recommend this. Uforia Science is for men and women who are really looking to get that physical and mental edge in life based on what your own DNA says you need.