How To Be Successful In Life (5 Easy Steps To Become Successful)

How To Be Successful In 5 Proven Steps

Chance are you have reached this blog article because you want to know how to be successful, right? Well, I’m not going to delay, so let’s jump right on in with Step #1 which is to…

1. Commitment to start, continue and complete. This first critical key of how to be successful.

Curiosity is enough to get us started in any new venture however it takes a strong commitment to see it through to completion.

The easiest thing to do is to start something while the hardest thing to do is to finish something. And yet, the greatest value of any process is in completing it.

If you really want to know how to succeed in life, commit to completing what you start.

Finished homes, finished cars, finished meals bring a lot more joy than say… “some assembly required.” Can you imagine picking up your new car only for them to tell you it’s 75% done and that some assembly is required to finish your car so you can drive it?

Not the ideal purchase unless you’re into building your own cars. For most drivers, a completed car is more valuable.

One way to strengthen your commitment to the process is to not lean on your intentions. I’m sure we all have good intentions when we start something. But be assured that the feeling you started with can quickly fad once you hit a cloud of turbulence.

While intentions are good, if we instead fully understand how completing what we started working on will impact and influence others for the greater good, then we have a better chance of following through.

You see, your commitment carries you through when your feelings have faded.

So if you want to know how to be successful, know that success is not about what you feel like doing, it’s about what you’re committed to becoming, doing and contributing to no matter the pressure or the pain you experience in the process.

So in the moments of our greatest trials, when the good feelings have long abandoned us, it’s the deep roots of what we are committed to that will keep you standing on wobbly legs and weak knees.

That’s how to be successful, that’s really how to become successful… be committed!

2. Courage to deal with change and obstacles.

How do you spell opportunity?


Opportunities are birthed from obstacles …progress is birthed from problems …and championships are won by those with the courage to take on the greatest challenges.

When looking at how to be successful in life, it requires you to look through the lens of courage.

Courage is not about being fearless it’s about having something that is bigger than your fears that drives you.

You see, when David faced Goliath, David saw the rewards of victory to be bigger than the size of the threat he faced.

Most people spend too much time sizing up how big the problem is and what they stand to lose instead of sizing of the spoils of victory and what they stand to gain.

When we live with courage, we are not ignorant of what we can lose we are simply more willing to risk losing it in order to win.

The duality of life is such that when you seek love, you risk being hurt… when you trust, you risk being betrayed and when you go for winning you risk losing.

Risk is the horse that all successful people ride to their promise land.

So the second answer to the question of how to be successful is to have the courage to accept the involved risk and understand that to accept the risk is the first down payment to owning the reward.

That’s how to be successful… be courageous!

3. Confidence in your abilities!

Confidence, not cocky… confidence, not conceited.

I’m not talking about the kind of confidence where you think you’re better than anyone else.

I’m not talking about a confidence that constantly rattles between the pincers of low self-esteem and high self-esteem.

The confidence I’m talking about is not a judging of what you are …it’s a “knowing” of who you are.

A confidence that you are good enough for it… a confidence that you are well deserving of it …a confidence that you can do it.

Not a confidence lurking around for approval so it can breathe, not a confidence that’s weakened by memories your past or strengthen by the meaningless words from other people.

It’s a confidence rooted in knowing that you were born with the right stuff and all you need to do is choose to use your stuff right.

I’m talking about a confidence so unmoved by circumstances that circumstances begin to move and change because of your action.

Like an earthquake changing the environment it enters, so it is that with this confidence, you don’t doesn’t accept what is… you create what can be.

This is a confidence that far exceeds believing what you can do…it’s a confidence in believing what God can do… despite of you.

So the third answer to how to be successful is to tap into the organic and natural well-spring of confidence that can only be discovered when you take your eyes off who’s watching you… and close your ears to what people say and think about you and you focus on and connect with the infinite omnipresence of God our Creator… then you too will slay giants.

That’s how to be successful… be confident!

4. Certainty about the outcome!

While the uncertain will wish for it, wait for it and wonder if it’s going to happen… it’s those beaming with confidence and certainty that builds wisdom for it, works for it and know it’s going to happen.

We’re not talking about an exercise in witchcraft or even wishcraft, we’re talking about the exercising of “WILLcraft…

  • A “will”ingness to endure the worst to get the best.
  • A “will”ingness to do it when you don’t feel like it.
  • A “will”ingness to go when no one goes with you.
  • A “will”ingness to be wrong so you can get it right.
  • A “will”ingness to turn nothing into something.
  • A “will”ingness to be patience for your rewards.
  • A “will”ingness to share and bless others with your rewards.

Is also an understanding of the journey in that;

  • People “will” talk about you.
  • People “will” hate you.
  • People “will” try to discourage you.
  • People “will” try to stop you.
  • People “will” try to bring you down.

And to that you respond;

  • I “WILL” not care who talks about me.
  • I “WILL” love those who hate me.
  • I “WILL” always be encouraged.
  • I “WILL” not stop no matter who or what gets in my way.
  • I “WILL” stay up in this down world.

Certainty is not about a hollow faith behind empty wishes and lazy visions.

Certainty is about a strong fixation about a future you insist on influencing to happen.

Certainty is forgoing looking for guarantees in life because you have already guaranteed to yourself that you will do whatever… whenever… wherever… however… with whomever to make sure the picture in your mind happens in time.

So the fourth answer to how to be successful is to understand that certainty is not about what others guarantee to give to you… it’s about what you guarantee to yourself and then back it up with a no-limit commitment to make it happen.

That’s how to be successful… be certain!

5. Consistency in action!

There is perhaps no greater effect experienced every day in our lives outside of the “cumulative” effect.

What is that?

The cumulative effect is caused by what we do consistently or not.

For example, getting fat is cumulative. It’s not one bad meal… it’s a whole bunch of them consistently. The cumulative result is weight gain and obesity.

Getting fit and healthy does not happen from one trip to the gym and one healthy meal. It’s the result of consistently working out and eating healthy.

It’s not one drink that gets a person a drunk, it’s the cumulative drinks. In other words, it’s the consistent drinking.

Now, to think you need to be more consistent is to be misinformed about the nature of consistency.

You see, we are all ALWAYS consistent.

From an internal biological automatic system stand point you have consistent breathing, consistent heartbeat, consistent blinking, consistent oxygen going through your body and so on.

What happens if you become inconsistent in any of those? It’s adios amigos!

Now, from a deliberate external neurological, thinking and acting standpoint, we are either doing things consistently that sabotages us or serves us.

Consistent thoughts either sabotage or serve… consistent focus either sabotages or serve… consistent feelings either sabotages or serves. (You get the point I’m sure.)

Consistency is not developmental as much as it is directional.

That means you can take your preexisting and ever present power of consistency and point it in the direction you want to go and start consistently doing the things that will get you there.

If you want to know your future, consult the consistency of your behaviors.

Like a meteorologist being able to with a high level of accuracy predict the weather to come… so it is with our lives. We can, with a high level of accuracy predict the nature and texture of our futures by simply looking at what we consistently do right now.

You have an inevitable future and what it will be is hidden in the consistency of your current behavior.

While no one can really predict the future, watching the consistency of behaviors and thoughts gets us darn close.

If you eat a whole 12 inch fully loaded pizza every night before bed for 90 days… do you think you have a clue to what the future holds?

Uh… yea… I think so.

So the fifth answer to the question of how to be successful is to look at one of the most powerful constant forces in our lives… the power of consistency.

You don’t control the power of consistency, you control the direction and thus you control the impact it has.

That’s how to be successful… be consistent. And if I may add, be consistent at the right things.

How To Be Successful

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