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006 – How To Change Your Life – When Things Are Changing For The Worst, Here’s How To Take Control To Change Them For The Better


How To Change Your Life
People often say “I want to change my life!”
Here’s the good news, your life IS changing, even without your consent. Change is not only constant, it doesn’t require your consent.
Now, whether change happens fast or slow is secondary to one of the most critical aspects of change…
That most critical aspect of change that trumps speed, is direction.
You see, whether change happens fast or slow, change in the wrong direction is bad by all definitions and in every language.
So here’s 3 things to understand about change
1. Change is constant (fast and slow, because it’s all relative)
2. Change is directional
3. Without your deliberate input into the direction of the change, the default direction could be a disaster.
The difference is like the difference between driving and steering a boat, or just drifting with the winds and the waves in the environment.
In today’s Episode of The Success Sculpting Show, we will get down to the business of how to specifically change your life. Below are the Show Notes so you can get an idea on the many specifics we will be covering in this Episode. So if you’re ready to roll higher with change instead of being rolled over by it, then strap in, hit play and listen to today’s Episode…
The 2 Dimensions of change:
1. Change is external, like the changes in politics, the environment, the economy, relationships, etc.
2. Change is also internal, like changing thoughts, focus, moods, feelings, etc.
So how do WE change our lives into whom we want to be instead of having life change us into what we don’t want to be.
#1 Rule of Changing Your Life is to “Stop Comparing Your Life To Other Peoples Lives”
Self-Pity = Compares in a way to feel inferior
Self-Arrogant = Compares in a way to feel superior
The best comparison is to compare how much they can take with them to the grave versus you. With that comparison, we are all on par. We are all equal.
As tempting as the treasures of this earth are, no one, no matter how strong their grip, can take any of it with them.
The Walls of Prevention to Change
1. Fear
2. Uncertainty
3. Doubt
4 Facts About Problems
1. The path of progress in everything is paved by the brick and mortar of problems.
2. Only those willing to change and adapt to problems are qualified to cash in and acquire their desires.
3. Problems are open doors, not barriers.
4. Solutions are bridges that give passage through the problems.
3 Problem Awareness Questions
1. What is the single most important problem or issue that needs your immediate attention?
2. What is likely to cause the next outbreak, crisis or problem in your life?
3. What current small problems have the potential to grow into big ones?
The Big Question About Your Current Problem Is…
Is this problem a “symptom” of a higher level problem (a running noise my be a problem, but it’s really a symptom from a cold or allergies for example). In other words, are you treating symptoms of the problem and not the real problem.
Don’t just take action, take the RIGHT actions!
7 Specific “Change It!” Actions You Can Take To Change Your Life;
  1. “Fix It” if corrective action is needed.
  2. “Improve It” if boosting and modification action is needed.
  3. “Eliminate It” if termination action is needed.
  4. “Create It” if development action is needed.
  5. “Anticipate It” if preparation action is needed.
  6. “Prevent It” if preventive action is needed.
  7. “Understand It” if comprehension action is needed.
Note: When you listen to today’s Episode you will get some specific examples for each of the 7 “Change It!” options listed about.
7 Change Transitions To Make Real Changes That Matter
  •  From ===> To
  • (Cost?)       (Payoff?)
  1. Attached => Detached
  2. Reacting => Watching
  3. Resisting => Flowing
  4. Judging => Accepting
  5. Fighting It => Surrendering to It
  6. Criticizing => Recognizing
  7. Closing Down => Opening Up
Doing Change Is Better Than Being Done In By Change
  • Do change with Confidence
  • Do change with Conviction
  • Do change Consistently
  • Do change FOR A GREATER CAUSE!
And remember, success is about both scars and stars. I can assure you, wherever you see stars of achievement, they are covering the scars of achieving it.

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