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003 – How To Never Give Up – Hope Doesn’t Abandon Us, We Abandon Hope – Here’s How To Never Never Never Give Up


Never Give Up

The prerequisite to never give up is to be prepared to get up.

Winning is not just about knowing where you want to go to, it’s also about being mentally, spiritually and physically fit to get there.

The path of success is littered with bones and body bags of those who decided to fade to black somewhere in between the beginning of their journey and their destination.

I understand the feeling of exhaustion when you seem to be working really hard, while nothing is hardly working other than life seems to be going into overtime whipping on you.

It’s hard to breathe… your lungs are burning, your eyes are blurry, your knees are buckling and your breathing is shallow.

You reach out and reach up hoping to grab hold of the hand of a friend or family member to help you get your footing or get back up from a slip and fall.

However, your reach comes back hollow as no hand claps to yours …so you decide to call out names one by one and as you scream in agony in what seems like your inevitable defeat… and all you hear is the echo of your own voice as if your in an empty hall, left alone… abandoned by those who said they’ll stick with you through thick and thin.

Your back hurts, not just from your workload and heavy burdens, but from those who said they had your back but instead betrayed you and started stabbing you in the back.

From pools of sweat, running tears and drops of blood …life seems to have knocked the wind out of you.

But if you never give up …then life hasn’t knocked the WIN out of you.

I know there is no music to dance to… and no one to dance with. I understand there is no one to make you laugh and nothing to laugh at.  There are no voices in the room… nothing but silence… all you can hear and feel is your own heartbeat as you struggle to breathe, as if you’re trying to inhale through a straw.

This has become your defining moment as hope is turning into hopelessness and fearlessness into fear.

Destiny hangs in the balance as you feel like your hanging by a thread.

There is only one decision to be made now… will you or will you not give up.

I vote, that you NEVER GIVE UP!

Today’s 3rd episode of The Success Sculpting Show is about how to “Never Give Up!’

Because, right now you’re in the middle of something, and you know going back gives you nothing… yet moving forward brings you everything.

However, you may feel too tired to do anymore so you prefer to lay down and snooze… I understand that you’re heart is willing but your body is weakening while your mind is wandering.

In today’s Episode on “How To Never Give Up” we will take a deep dive into four core concepts of building intestinal fortitude and resiliency. As a result, you can dig deeper and go higher because you will never, never, never give up.

Here’s what we will cover in today’s Episode;

  1. Perseverance and persistence look at the overall fitness of your spirit, soul, and body.
  2. You cannot respond according to how you feel, you must respond according to the situation.
  3. Understand that you build winning positions over time, not overnight.
  4. Proper orientation is a prelude to perseverance and persistence.

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  • Thanks steve. Your podcasts are always transformational. this is good good stuff! I kinda also like the change in style from the days of “This will change your life” to “The Seven Secrets of Wealth”. Now its more relaxed and personal. God bless you

  • Hey Stephen,

    Always good to hear the supportive message that persevering is absolutely worth the wait.
    Everything happens in it’s own time (and not how we planned it), and as you said… “Truth is Truth”!!!


  • Hiii Steve, this is excellent as usual but I could hear only audio NOT video….otherwise your tips are worth its weight in gold…

  • Stephan really love what you are saying here… Consider in a certain sense, we ARE playing against our imagination and our selves. Those obstacles are often inside and on the deepest spiritual sense they are all inside us. When I set foot on the field, I look at it as direct experience with God. My teammates, my opponent and myself. Out of respect for myself, my team and my opponent, I must bring my full self and everything I have to offer. If I am playing against and with God directly and simultaneously, I transcend the team and the opponent. In those moments where you trust that your best is enough, and to push into the fear, and control the field, those moments of flow where victory becomes effortless.. However those moments of flow happen after we have done the work inside and out to be able to enter into the infinite and come back with something tangible (a victory) etc. If we can look at the “bear trap” as the gates of heaven, guarded by our own self imposed limitations we see that the goal, the trap, and the game is ACTUALLY US.

  • I love to listen to your show Stephen. You’re completely right…it’s about not giving up. We all have our moments of doubt if this is the right thing we’re supposed to be doing (especially when funds to live get low). I’ve had my doubts the last couple of days and I believe God has spoken to me the last couple of days that this is what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I need to hear your positivity and words of encouragement today, You’re awesome!

    • Thank you Tamara,

      Appreciate your feedback …and you’re welcome. Great to hear you are listening and enjoying the Show.

      It’s great to hear that you allowed your moment of doubt to not deter you but to reaffirm your commitment and have you more determined to keep moving forward.

      So onward, upward and forward.


  • You are so right Stephen. I always look at perseverence and persistence in the frame of ‘focus’… stay focussed on your end result, this will create your reality. Feelings are difficult to let go of as many of us use these to gauge where we are in relation to others and to our outcomes. However, most of our feelings come from the beliefs we have made up about ourselves and our abilities. If we have made up these beliefs then the feelings that come from them are made up also, therefore we definitely need to leave those behind and work with the situation instead. Feelings attached to erroneous beliefs are not real!!
    Thank you. http://www.reachouttherapy.co.uk/blog/

    • Well said Dee.

      Because most of us or so into feeling and “experiencing” on top of having a negative bias towards our selves it becomes difficult to have an objective view. As a result both our perspectives and feelings are subjective. If that’s the case, we are manipulating reality in such a way that is sabotages us and not serves us.

      Again, thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • This is a Wonderful article. Most things don’t happen in this world because people give up too easily. “This is impossible. Why’m i wasting my time?” People think this way. We should NEVER give up. It all pays off in the end, right?

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