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Mind Viruses – The 7 Deadly Venoms

Perspective is everything.  It’s your mental view and it acts as both a bridge and a barricade to your future.

Your perspective is a lens and filter through which you view the world and interpret events.

What that means is that what you are looking at isn’t what you actually see, and what is happening isn’t what you are experiencing.

What we see and what we experience is depended on our perspectives and mental filters.

Now here’s where today’s podcast episode comes in.

I have found that there 7 perspectives, that I call mind viruses, the 7 deadly venoms that sabotage us from the inside our minds.

These mind viruses prevent us from making progress and leading productive lives.

Each of these mind viruses in the form of the 7 deadly venoms also have a certain emotions attached to them and a certain ways they manifest in our lives.

In today’s podcast we look at these mind viruses and breakdown each of the 7 deadly venoms of the mind to include the emotions attached to them and how they manifest.

We will then wrap it up with some alternative mental choices to act as anti-venom (if you will) to those 7 deadline venoms.

Once you know this, you can do an inventory of yourself and see if you have any of these mind viruses, and if so you can take action to rid yourself of them and make even more productive progress in your life.

So welcome to today’s episode, let’s get started.

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Mind Viruses

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