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Overcoming Fear – Winners Therapy To Overcome FUD

Is overcoming fear, dealing with uncertainty, overcoming self-doubt something you have been wanting do to?

If so, I get it because living a life that is intoxicated with fear, uncertainty, and doubt is perhaps the #1 one reason why most people don’t realize their true potential.

If that’s you then you want to listen to today’s episode immediately because we will look at overcoming fear, dealing with uncertainty, and overcoming self-doubt with what I call “the winner’s therapy.”

To get you into the right frame of mind before listening to the episode, I want to give you a scenario to introduce the concept of negativity using an example that relates to alcohol and being intoxicated.

Imagine for a moment a very good family man, who is a loving husband and caring father. It’s a Friday evening and after a long week, he’s going for a night out with his friends.

He kisses his wife and kids and then heads for the bar to meet up with his friends. One drink turns to two and then four and continues until he’s ready to come home. He gets into his car, completely intoxicated. He begins to drive.

He doesn’t get too far before he’s pulled over by the police. He’s asked to step out of the car and asked to perform the usual checks. He’s asked to touch his nose but he can’t even find his nose.

He’s asked to walk in a straight line and can’t do that either. He’s asked to take the breathalyzer test and he’s actually so drunk he doesn’t know who he is or what he’s doing.

Thankfully this man was pulled over by the police because there could have been another outcome.

Somebody could have been killed, he could have been killed. Now, he is not a bad man, he is a good family man but he got intoxicated.

Now, I want to ask you this question.

Are you intoxicated? No, I’m not talking about alcohol intoxication… I’m talking about your thoughts and your negativity level. Are you intoxicated with negative thoughts?

Negativity can cause the similar effects as being drunk. You’ll be off balance and unable to find the nose on your face.

Driving your life drunk with fear, uncertainty, and doubt is a sure-fire way to crash into what you don’t want… it’s a dream killer.

Unfortunately, many people have high toxic levels of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Fear is disorienting and distorts what’s possible while uncertainty and doubt can suffocate your ability to think clearly and act productively.

There are doors to your future that only faith, certainty, and confidence can unlock.

So in today’s episode of The Success Sculpting Show, we will look at overcoming fear, dealing with uncertainty, overcoming self-doubt.

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Overcoming Fear

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