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Stephen Pierce Momentum Mixx Track 2

Stephen Pierce Momentum Mixx Track 2

Stephen Pierce Momentum Mixx – Motion, Action Forward Progress

This Track 2 of the Stephen Pierce Momentum Mixx motivational series.

The message is about motion, action, forward progress.

To succeed at whatever you choose to do, we must move beyond thinking about it, talking about it and hoping for it.

We most take focused relentless action that leads to positive motion, action, and forward progress.

We become shaped and build character and discipline by taking action.

When taking action we will make mistakes, have setbacks and have to face obstacles and even overcome odds.

Like fire purifying gold and severe pressure on a rock creating a diamond, the greatest of flames and the pressure cooker of success is found only when we take action.

When we get into motion and when you start progressing forward.

Taking action is your biggest teacher, everything else is an assumption.

Sure, we can read books, watch videos, listen to audios and attend workshops and seminars.

In that process, we are acquiring information.

Knowledge is displayed through the implementation of that information and from that implementation (taking action) we build wisdom.

Whatever it is you want in life, it will require motion, action and forward progress.

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