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004 – How To Be Productive – Peak Performance Tips and Techniques to Help You Perform Better In Life and Work


Stephen Pierce On How To Be Productive

If you want to know how to be productive and experience peak performance, then we need to take a step back from the to-do list, the newest productivity app and the various ways of getting things done from smart goals to a checklist.

Now, I’m not saying those tools are not necessary. In many ways, they are, however they are not sufficient within themselves.

Understanding how to be productive starts with understanding that performance starts in your head, it get’s agreement from your heart and it shows up in your hands.

If you’re like me, then you know from first-hand experience the frustration of buying into the newest hippest productivity tool or app or method only for it to seem not to work for you.

Perhaps you have half a dozen, a dozen or even more productivity apps on your phone or tablet. Maybe your library of physical and digital books are loaded with volumes of time management and productivity advice.

We live in an environment where demands on our time, energy and money are increasing and along with that, there is an increase in technology and the number of ways to handle those demands.

Yet, in a world of hyper-technology to help us manage better and get more done with less sweat, it seems like instead of taking our time, technology is taming us as time slips away and as we battle with technology and struggle to manage time we seem to be producing more stress and less peace.

One reason this happens is that time management without mind management is a management disaster. It’s a recipe for frustration and it’s counter-productive.

A prerequisite to effective management of time and space is to take the time to manage the space between your two ears. In other words, mind management is the foundation that successful life and time management is built on.

With a house, the house can only be as good and strong as the foundation that it’s built on. So it is with the management of anything external, it’s effectiveness is based on how strong your internal management is because that’s your foundation.

In today’s 4th Episode of The Success Sculpting Show, we will look at some quick peak performance tips and techniques to help you build a strong internal foundation of mind management so you can excel in your external management of time and space which can lead you to better performance in your life, work, relationships and more.

Here are some of the highlights of what we will be covering;

  • POP: Proper Orientation and Perspective
  • Faith as a product of hope.
  • Perspectives are like glasses. If you can’t see clearly then you have the wrong lenses.
  • Changing your perspective of the situation is better than stressing the situation.

You will also learn;

  • You only experience the stress of a situation if you interpret the situation as being stressful.
  • Key steps to being your best even while under stress.
  • 3 words to take total control of your focus.
  • The 1 question to help you navigate your focus.
  • Moving away from negative labels about yourself.

Here are 5 quick tips to enhance your productivity.

Stephen Pierce 5 Steps On How To Be Productive1. Plan – Your plan identifies the who, what, when and where of closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
2. Prioritize – Sequence is everything. You don’t put your pants on first and then your underwear or your shoes on first and then your socks. Knowing the order of what to do keeps things in order when you’re doing them.
3. Do It Now – The fastest route to getting to where you want to go is starting now, because any delays in starting equals delays in arriving.
4. Automate – Don’t do manually what you can do automatically. Look to leverage technology and get acceleration from automation.
5. Eliminate – Prune off your weakest activities and the nonessential task. Separate what’s nice to do from what you need to do.

Now let’s get going with the Show, shall we? 🙂

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