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005 – How To Bounce Back – When You’ve Fallen, Here’s 5 Steps To Get Up and Bounce Back


Learn How to Bounce Back with Stephen Pierce
There it is. These two words define the border between winners and losers.
100% of people fall down… but an unknown significantly less percentage get back up again and bounce back.
Deciding to bounce back should not be a choice… it should be a lifestyle.
Doing it again should not be an option, it should be an automatic response.
The only way to win is to be willing to lose again.
The easiest part of success is identifying where you are and where you want to be. The most challenging part of success is being able to bounce back over and over again in your journey to get where you want to be.
Getting hit and bouncing back is par for the course of success. The question is never, will you get hit… the question is always… what will you do when the hits start coming… when you’re overwhelmed with the weight of adversity and when you fall down and feel like you can’t get back up again.
In this 5th Episode of the Success Sculpting Show, we will dig into the crates of my battle gear and pull out some weapons for winning the game of bouncing back.
Here’s a quick look at the 5 steps we will cover in this episode on “How To Bounce Back – When You’ve Fallen, Here’s 5 Steps To Get Up and Bounce Back”
1. Look Up – Look towards where you want to go. (Grasp your goals again)
Here is the “L.O.D. Have Mercy Method.”
A. “L” is to “LIST” your goal getting opportunities.
B. Given your limited resources of time, energy and money you want to focus your efforts on goal getting opportunities that can yield you the most benefit so “O” is to “ORGANIZE” your goal getting opportunities based on impact. Highest impact to lowest impact.
C. Next, you want to Organize a second list based on effort. Lowest effort to highest effort.
D. Look at each organized list of goals and put a number beside them based on the goals short-term potential. The means the goals immediate impact on your life. So the goal that can impact you the most, the fastest gets a “1” next to it.
E. Since we want to focus your resources in those areas that are most critical to your competitiveness and success in the area that’s most important in the hierarchy of importance, “D” is to “DECIDE” which goal getting opportunities you will get up and re-pursue first.
2. Sit Up – Move away from where you don’t want to be. (Do the doable, move the movable)
  • Define the core improvement you are looking for that you can impact without waiting for someone or something to impact it for you.
  • Doing the doable and moving the movable is about knowing explicitly what you can control that impacts your immediate future.
  • This is important to know so that you can put your scarce resources of time, energy and money to the best use.
    • 1. Control The Controllable
    • 2. Control your focus
    • 3. Control your thoughts
    • 4. Control your feelings
    • 5. Control your beliefs
  • …and you will control your experience of each event.
  • If you don’t proactively control these things, then they will drift by default to the negative and that negative, like an anchor will weight you down, and then pull you down and you will drown in defeat when you could of be swimming in the victory.
3. Clean Up – Dust off the loss of failure. (Re-calibrate your thinking. Be present with a future orientation, not a bias to the past)
A critical starting point or restarting point is to
1. Have a clear and accurate understanding that the facts of past failures is not a prophecy of your prospects of success in your future.
2. You want to have explicit rules of engagement in how you treat and view yourself going forward.
3. Have clear and unbreakable boundaries about how you remember and revisit your past.
4. Step Up – Take the next logical step for progress. (Momentum objectives)
  • Wanting, wishing and waiting will never give you what willingness and working will produce.
  • Take what you’ve gathered from the “Looking Up” and “Sitting Up” and synthesize them into solutions you can implement.
  • Create momentum objectives.
  • Momentum objectives are not necessarily the thing that will get you the biggest bang, but they are the things that getting you going towards the bang.
  • Create habits of action that you can build on to replace the bias of inaction and complacency.
5. Makeup – Recapture lost ground. (Get the momentum)
  • We don’t just want to get momentum, we what to measure it.
  • No matter how many clear goals and desires you have, if you don’t have objective measurements then success and progress gets lost in the noise of movement and the sea of subjectivity.
  • Recapturing lost ground involves measuring the ground as you gain it.

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  • Hello

    Wow I just love this podcast.
    I’m going to try out the LOD have mercy.
    My company runs at a deficit and my goal is to get it to “break even”
    I’m not sure what the goal getting opportunities are yet to get to my goal of break-even.
    Maybe I start with the intangibles first?
    I loved the never give up podcast. Everytime I think of giving up I just picture in my mind running over hurdles on a race track.

    • Thank you Ford!

      Great to hear your feedback and I’m excited to know that the Shows are meaningful to you Ford. And since you are moving forward and never giving up, then start looking at your company internal assets for “goal getting opportunities.” Look at your database of current clients prior clients and leads (non-clients). I would think that some of your lowest cost, lowest effort and yet highest short term (and long term) rewards can be reaped by asking how you can further and deeper serve them. And also ask how you can get the non-consumers (leads, not customers) to start consuming your offers, if even from a sampler (momentum objective) that leads to a full platter. 🙂

      • Hello Stephen
        Thanks so much for replying! You rock!
        Yes they are meaningful.
        I am crying right now. For the first time ever I’ve had an answer that isn’t to just apply for banckruptcy, or get a job.
        I love the stories because I can visualise them and so the content is easier to remember. Yes I can put those things on my goals list you suggested.


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