How To Become Rich – What’s Different Between Rich People and the Poor People?

How To Become RichNearly everyone wants to learn how to become rich, but not many are. Why do so few people have real wealth, even though everyone desires it? Certainly, there must be some fundamental differences between the rich and the poor that can account for the differing levels of success.

Rich people often seem capable of generating amazing things in their lives. And many with less money seem to be stuck and the hunt for the secrets of how to become rich. You wouldn’t be alone if you concluded that this is due to some difference in abilities or work ethic. But if you look closely at the rich people you know, you’ll likely find that most aren’t particularly lucky, intelligent, or hardworking.

Let’s uncover some insights on how to become rich by examining some of the actual fundamental differences between rich people and poor poor:

How To Become Rich Insight #1. Rich people attempt to create a specific life for themselves; poor people believe they have no control. If you don’t believe you can create the life you desire, why would you even try? But if you can envision what you want, you stand a chance to get it.

How To Become Rich Insight #2. Wealthy people dream much bigger. Tell your poor friends that you want to be a millionaire and see what they say. You’re likely to hear something like this, “No one needs that much money. You can live fine with a lot less than a million dollars.”

  • Do you think that a person who says things like this is ever likely to be wealthy? People who are poor always tend to think small. People who are rich dream big.

How To Become Rich Insight #3. The rich play to win, and the poor play not to lose. This is significant. The rich are quite bold and are always searching for a way to win when money is involved. The poor are too busy worrying about preserving what little they have. They never give themselves the chance to become wealthy.

How To Become Rich Insight #4. Opportunities vs. obstacles. Those who are wealthy tend to focus on the opportunities and then simply deal with the obstacles as they arise along the way. The poor have a habit of focusing on all the obstacles.

  • Focusing on problems makes it very difficult to find solutions. A problem-oriented mindset also can cause challenges in staying motivated. By keeping your eye on the prize and staying focused on solutions, you’ll find continually moving forward to be much easier.

How To Become Rich Insight #5. Commitment counts. The rich do an excellent job at staying committed to achieving their goals. The poor are good at dedicating themselves to dreaming about their hopes instead of making goals out of them.

  • Although you may have fun thinking about how great it would be to be rich, that’s not going to make your desires happen. Set a goal and then fully commit to it.

How To Become Rich Insight #6. Peer group matters. We all tend to rise or fall to the level of our peer group. Have you ever noticed that the rich hang out with other rich people? Spend time with wealthy people if you want to succeed financially. You’ll be amazed at how your perspective changes when you hear people talking about how they made $2,000+ in a single day.

How To Become Rich Insight #7. The rich constantly learn. You’ll find that wealthy people are usually learning new things, especially when in regard to making more money. The poor frequently have an attitude that they already know everything they need to know. Don’t stop learning. 

Developing the habits and attitudes presented in this article will go a long way towards improving your financial situation. It’s never too late to start, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn things around. Start today and you can change your financial life forever!

Whether you learn how to become rich or not, be happy in your life. Be sure to read about how you can Fill Your Life With Authentic Happiness.


  • This topic has been explored many times and many years ago. Perhaps the most well known book on this subject was “Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. There are other books that have explored the differences between those who achieve wealth and those who don’t, including explorations into the life and mind of moguls like Andrew Carnegie. From having read many of these, I have to conclude that a part of it has to do with timing and luck.

  • All of these ideas are great and I think you should practice them, but this still doesn’t tell me how to become rich. I can do all of the things mentioned in your article, I can hang out with rich people, I can dream huge, I can play to win and commit to it but unless I have the cash they do I am still not rich. Teach me how to get the cash.

  • Combine the above 2 comments, and you have my exact sentiments. Seems every thing I try has some flaw in it that only takes you so far, then it gets twisted and doesn’t work. Something is always left out, or not fully explained so that you can finish, and accomplish whatever it is that influenced you to begin.

  • It was funny to read the comments from one of the readers. He was basically saying “show me the money!. I certainly understand where he is coming from . If he was writing from a sense of frustration, clearly then, he was expecting to read this article and have all the answers laid out in front of him. But the reality is, there are no simple answers that anyone can point out in just one one article. Success is a journey and each of us must traverse our own experience.

  • You are right if you want to be rich you should surround yourself with rich friends and family so you can learn the tricks of the trade, but how long can you pretend to be rich before it gets to you. The fact of the matter is you can’t be rich without money. If I am missing something here please let me know but that is the ultimate difference between the rich and the poor.

  • I have to agree with other comments left, you can develop all the habits and attitudes described in your article and you can continue to learn everything you need to know about improving your financial situation. But how does this work if you have nothing to start this journey with? You have to have something in the bank to invest or practice these methods with. It’s getting finances to start that I am working on.

  • I think your advice is great. I was pondering my situation and the people I have in my life, I noticed one common denominator with the rich people I know and I think if you think of all the rich people that have written books etc. it all steams back to an opportunity that someone gave them and what they did with that opportunity. Most likely the poor didn’t get that opportunity handed to them.

  • I read your article and it could be taken two ways actually, I am pretty sure you are talking about monetary value, but do you also believe it is possible to be rich beyond measure without the money? Some people claim they are rich and they have everything they need, but monetarily they have nothing. So I wasn’t sure which way your article was going but I figured you meant cash.

  • I appreciate the advice and the tips to “becoming rich but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth when people talk about it so flippantly like it is so easy. I’m in a family where the parents, siblings, in-laws all have money but do I, NO? And why is that, because I was never given the opportunity even my siblings were given by my parents. And I guess it’s a raw spot with me.

  • Our attitudes toward others determine their attitudes toward us. We’re all interdependent. The success we achieve in life will depend largely on how well we relate to others. Also keep in mind, before you can achieve the kind of life you want, you must think, act, talk, and conduct yourself in all of your affairs as would the person you wish to become. So keep a mental picture of that person before you as often as you can during the day.

  • I think that every insight was right on target. It’s hard to do on a daily basis because we don’t live in a perfect world. Things will get in the way of out success. If we continue to dream big, and don’t settle for the present we will always continue to achieve great things.

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