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C Edward Moten – Success in an Untapped Market

C Edward MotenOn today’s show, we’re going to be flying high with C Edward Moten, a cutting-edge entrepreneur and a servant for safe and luxurious travel.

Ed is CEO of Dominion Charter Ltd, a company that was birthed about eight years ago. His ability to understand seamless travel put the company in a position to facilitate exceptional travel for those in business while giving more time to the perfection of the process.

Being a history buff, Ed set out to ensure that for clients of Dominion Charter Ltd, time management would lead to life management. The focus became the process of spending more human capital much better for better results at home, as well as in the boardroom.

Ed has an extensive theological training and he once thought that theology would be his lot in life. The most significant thing for Ed at this point in his life is seeking to solve problems with travel, one client at a time, and it should be noted that Ed owns one of the few minority-owned charter jet companies.

Years ago, while working as a paralegal, Ed learned the importance of the best you and today, we’re going to learn from him what that means.

[00:02:15] The Difference between a Polished Person and a Progressive Person  

When you’re polished, it gives the assumption that you have arrived, and when you have that attitude, you plateau. On the other hand, when you’re progressive, you understand that opportunity is always evolving, and opportunity gets greater as you evolve. To progress, you can learn by watching others, learn by reading, and make sure you stay connected to what works.

[00:08:41] If You Want to Seize the Opportunity, You Must Die to Self

Ed had to learn to give up his inclination to a comparative conversation in order to be open to opportunities. We sometimes get set in ways that paralyze us from recognizing or pursuing new opportunities.

[00:11:57] It Takes Wisdom to Unhook Yourself from Destructive Tendencies

Begin with being honest with yourself, recognizing both the good and bad in you, and decide what you want to change about yourself in pursuit of progress. To accept the truth is to understand that truth is a fact, no matter how you feel about it. And it will be that fact, whether you like it or shrink back from it. There are four steps to unhooking yourself:

  • Acknowledge truth
  • Accept truth
  • Articulate truth
  • Authenticate truth

[00:20:07] Getting to Self-Honesty

People won’t always give an honest opinion because they are being sensitive to your relationship. They might give a more positive opinion than you need at the time or one that is more negative than you need, based on the temperature of your relationship, and it can be dangerous.

[00:29:04] Dealing with Stress, Strain, and Struggle When It Comes to Business

Ed deals with stress, strain and struggle by focusing on his desired end for being in business. No matter what he sees or experiences, it does not distract him from that desired end. He knows that conflicts will come because they are part of the process, and he has learned that you don’t always have to open your mouth and defend yourself. As scripture says, even a fool, when he holds his peace, is counted wise!

[00:33:59] It’s a Routine but Is It Right?

If somebody else’s routine works for them, that’s great. But if that routine does not yield to you what it yielded to them, before you beat yourself up over it, reroute yourself. Look only for the principles in the routine that are right and then apply them.

[00:38:51] Have an Affirming and Positive Outlet When You’re Discouraged  

Any person who feels that they will advance without obstacles, opponents, or any odds, is fooling themselves. Discouragement is like the speed bump on your way to where you are going. Ed’s positive outlet is reading: someday, he might write a book about the psychology of entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs who need encouragement, he recommends John Maxwell’s How Successful People Think.

[00:45:39] Last Words for Today

Wisdom is the principle thing and, as scripture says, even if it costs all of you, get wisdom.

How To Reach C Edward Moten

Dominion Charter Ltd.

Email: info[@]dominioncharterltd.com

Telephone: +1.877.553.4223

Additional Quotes

[00:02:28] Opportunity doesn’t need a polished person but a progressive person. – C Edward Moten

[00:04:26] The part of you that you feed the most is the part of you that will grow the most. – C Edward Moten

[00:12:23] Knowledge is what you know, and wisdom is how to handle what you know. – C Edward Moten

[00:14:39] It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so. (Will Rogers)

[00:23:30] “When people show you who they are, believe them.” (Maya Angelou)

[00:30:17] What gets measured gets done. (Peter Drucker, Lucy Barnes-Moten)

[00:33:26] A Fool’s mouth is destruction and his lips are the snare of his soul. (Proverbs 18:7)

[00:39:34] Discouragement is really in the DNA of advancement. – C Edward Moten

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