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Holton Buggs – The Mindset of a $1.3 Million A Month MLM Earner

This episode is incredibly special for all entrepreneurs, network marketers, direct sellers, whether you own a business, or have a sales position within a company. If your sales are dependent on your growth, today is your day.

Holton BuggsWe have with us the $1.3 million-a-month MLM legend, Holton Buggs, the driving force behind ORGANO product launches and incentive programs. He is currently the Chief Visionary Officer, responsible for the global vision that will set the tone and pace for business growth and continued global expansion for ORGANO.

Long before his success, Holton was $250,000 in debt, had his Lexus repossessed, and was 45 days away from foreclosure. He knew that something had to change, and that change had to be him.

Since achieving success, Holton’s mission is to affect the lives of over 100 million people, spiritually, financially, and personally, and this podcast is one way of doing that.

[00:02:17] Chiseling and Sculpting to Unearth a Millionaire

Holton sees his journey through different careers and entrepreneurial pursuits, as a process of chiseling and sculpting. At his low moment, you saw a person in debt on the outside, but he knew there was a millionaire on the inside, waiting to rise to the surface.

[00:03:41] Exposure Helps You to Expand Your Vision  

When you can’t imagine more than what you see in your current circumstances, your abilities are limited. Be willing to expose yourself to a different world by exploring what other people have managed to achieve, and let that help you develop your vision of what you want. It is your vision that gives you strength in tough circumstances.

[00:08:04] Giving up Was Never an Option

From early days, Holton’s goal was to make something out of himself and provide better opportunities for his family. As he went through several failure moments, he decided that he could change tack, he could change his enterprise, he could change his career, but he would not give up on his goal. 

[00:20:10] Keeping Emotions in Check  

Commitment to continuity produces emotional stability; you have to be committed to being continuous in your pursuit. Just because you don’t enjoy doing something, doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong thing to do. When something feels burdensome, you may need to put in more effort instead of lapsing into negative self-talk.

Holton Buggs[30:30] You Don’t Get What You Want, You Get What You Picture

Create a picture of what you desire, and that becomes your destination. Personal growth and what you feed your mind is the navigational system that will get you there.

[00:43:21] Don’t Waste an Opportunity to Learn from Leaders

When in the company of leaders or wealthy people that you admire, don’t be content with merely being present. Become their student by studying their techniques, asking questions, and paying attention to their stories.

[00:47:41] WiiN Worldwide

Earlene Buggs started WiiN to bring women together and show them that they can support each other to accomplish diverse goals. WiiN helps women deal with emotions and challenges that often prevent them from pursuing or accomplishing their dreams at home and work. Earlene also shares inspiration through a blog, EB’s Pink Notes.

[00:51:58] OG Cares

Holton started this charity to help disenfranchised youth all around the world. OG Cares invests time and money into young lives to help them understand that they can be successful and wealthy in business.

[00:55:15] Destiny Conference

A brainchild of Pastor Keion Henderson, with the support of Bishop TD Jakes and Holton Buggs, Destiny Conference is a business conference. It attracts people from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and business mindsets because everybody wants to know how to achieve or work towards their destiny.

[00:57:45] Holton’s Parting Shot

Listen to this podcast many times and take notes. Don’t try to do everything at once because there is no shortcut to achieving big goals. Master the skills and mindsets one at a time.

Holton BuggsHolton Buggs Notable Quotables

[00:08:50] Don’t marry the method, marry the mission. – Holton Buggs

[00:29:54] Fear should not paralyze you. Fear should move you and motivate you, if you repurpose it, re-categorize it and understand how to use it as energy. – Holton Buggs

[00:39:41] People only hate up, nobody hates down. – Holton Buggs

[00:52:33] Stop feeling guilty about putting yourself first sometimes. – Holton Buggs

[00:59:06] I did not take the elevator to success, I took the stairs. – Holton Buggs


Holton Buggs

OG Cares

WiiN Worldwide

Destiny Conference

Holton Buggs - The Mindset of a $1.3 Million A Month MLM Earner
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Holton Buggs - The Mindset of a $1.3 Million A Month MLM Earner
Holton Buggs reveals his mindset and method behind producing $1.2 million a month in personal MLM earnings. Listen to Holton Buggs on this episode of The Success Sculpting Show with Stephe Pierce.
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