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012 – How To Be Confident – 7 Steps To Building Confidence


How To Be Confident

How To Be Confident In Virtually Anything!

How to be confident consistently to move your life forward is a critical skill to have.
And yes, you can learn how to gain confidence. You see, learning how to be confident is a skill, not some inborn predestined personality trait.
Building confidence is a skill you can… well, it’s a skill you can build.
Everyday, all of us are on the front lines of life fighting for progress. Of course how we define progress varies from person to person, company to company and even country to country.
Progress can be defined as peace, prosperity, position, power or people united for a common cause.
However you define progress, wherever the battle lines have been drawn, there is one sure-fire conquering force that can help you to carry the highest probability of victory and that force is called:
The need of confidence is not the mystery. The mystery seems to be in how to build self confidence and sustain an unwavering confidence that does not allow you to concede defeat even in the face of multiple failures.
A confidence that has you to know that success is imminent even while standing on the ledge of failure.
In today’s Episode of The Success Sculpting Show, we will go beyond the common “act confident” advice that is regurgitated the world over and roll up our sleeves and get behind the curtain of real “showtime” type confidence.
We will take the mask off the fake confidence and look at how to build a confidence so big and powerful that it can rival the pyramids of Egypt.
So, if you’re ready to finally learn how to be confident, then follow the 7 steps of building confidence in today’s Episode. Also, not put into today’s Show Notes are the “The 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Confidence Daily”. You must listen to the Show to get those insights.
So let’s get to, click “play” on the button above and start listening and learning how to be confident now.
He are some of the highlights from this Episode.
The #1 Confidence Question That No One Hardly Ask Is
  • Where is my confidence vulnerable?
    • Is it interdependent on circumstances and places and how things are going?
    • Is it co-dependent on acknowledgment from other people?
    • Is it independent of being hostage to people, places and things?
7 Steps To Building Commanding Confidence
1. Mental Self-Defense – Defend your mind (What weighs you down?)
  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Hopelessness
  • Resentment
  • Self-Pity
  • Confusion
  • Doubt
2. No Huddle Offense – Rapidly take action to move your life forward (What lifts you up?)
  • Caring (Who do you care about?)
  • Humor (What makes you laugh?)
  • Purpose (What drives you?)
  • Generosity (Who do you like to give to?)
  • Detachment (What makes you feel free?)
3. Past-Tense Tension – Let the past be the past (What blocks you from your past?)
  • Complaining (Disagreeing with what was that has created what is.)
  • Blaming (Yourself, your past, your parents, your partner, who?)
  • Controlling (Trying to control the uncontrollable, like your past or other people from your past)
  • Arguing (With your past or with people that should remain in your past)
  • Externalizing (Feeling like a victim of past and present circumstances.)
4. Manage The Suspense – Manage your moods and emotional fears and uncertainty (Digg a trench in your purpose and a beachhead on your mission)
  • I’m doing this because I want;
    • To inspire people to…
    • To create new ways of…
    • To understand…
    • To help implement…
    • To do the most good to/for…
    • To discover new…
    • To solve problems for…
    • To unravel life’s mysteries around…
    • To build, organize and plan a…
    • To be a master of…
5. Know The Expense – What does lack of confidence cost you today? (What will it cost you going forward?)
  • Abundance & Prosperity
  • Purpose
  • Authenticity
  • Growth
  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Health
6. Have A Future Sense – Lean into your future not into your past (What themes are pulling you forward?(
  • Adventure
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Travel
    • One of mine used to be “Treasure Hunter” I was constantly looking for the treasure in myself and others and no automatically their would be great challenges in that journey going forward.
7. Condense The Course – Reduce your big picture dreams and goals into short term doable daily action steps
  • What can be done now?
  • What is to be done next?
  • Next actions?
  • Next items?
  • Use checklist, daily planning and project management methods
  • Do mini projects
  • Take micro steps to make progress and build momentum
  • Celebrate every completed action and step taken to encourage yourself.
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How To Be Confident In 7 Simple Powerful Steps
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How To Be Confident In 7 Simple Powerful Steps
Discover how to be confident to move your life forward to break through barriers and finally achieve in life what knowing how to be confident can give you.

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