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How to Change Your Life – Amazing Secrets Revealed

How To Change Your Life

Would you like to know how to change your life?

If the answer is yes and you want to know how to change your life, then hit play and listen to today’s episode.

[00:05:00] The Psychological Effect

There are two parts of the brain; the conscious and the subconscious. Your conscious mind is like a coach while your subconscious mind is like the players in a game.

In the same way that players do whatever the coach instructs them to do, your subconscious mind obeys the messages that you feed it with.

Coach your subconscious mind to work towards success by controlling five types of messages:

  • Where you focus your thoughts: Focus on positive future outcomes instead of past disappointments.
  • Self-talk: Rather than saying destructive things and talking to yourself about past failures, say something constructive that will support you. Talk to yourself about previous successes and future positive expectations.
  • Mental Images: Replace images of failure with images that envision your success.
  • Feelings: Refuse to harbor feelings of doubt and apprehension.
  • Beliefs: Believe that this is something you can do.

[00:12:06] You Have Control over What You Do with the Bad

You may not be able to control what person comes into your life speaking negative things to you, but you can control the amount of awareness and energy you give it.

You can choose not to spend time and energy stressing over negative talk and past bad experiences.

[00:14:17] You Cannot Make Money and Excuses at the Same Time

A big dream-destroyer is to keep doing what is convenient and comfortable instead of doing what will make you great.

Change your thinking patterns.

When thoughts of “I can’t” begin to cloud your mind, stop them and immediately replace them with thoughts of “I can.”

[00:19:57] The One Thing That We Can Control

Many of us spend time frustrated about things that we have no control over, sometimes worrying about the future and things that have not yet happened.

That is a destructive way of thinking. You have the power to reject thoughts that don’t support you.

[00:28:07] Some Truths About Money

The first truth is that debt is okay if you know what to do with it. Use borrowed money to invest in things that appreciate to give you a positive ROI.

The second truth is that money never sleeps, so find a system that allows you to make money 24/7.

Put your money where you can earn passive residual income.

When you stop working and you stop getting paid, you’ll still have money coming in.

[00:39:25] Take Action

Nothing happens until you take action. Begin by taking advantage of other people’s wisdom through reading books and taking courses.

It is said that people who make the most money have the hugest libraries because they’re continuously learning.

But having the right information is useful only if you use it.

Action may require that you rearrange your schedule to invest time into a new venture or borrow funds to get started.

Be decisive and do what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

[00:45:43] Understanding the Process Will Help You Have Patience

Impatience prevents many from becoming successful; either they overestimate how fast something can happen, or they underestimate what is required of them to make it happen.

As a result, they quit before their investment of time, money, and energy has had a chance to yield results.

Understanding the process gives you the sense to allow enough time for efforts to materialize.

[00:57:13] Making Progress Is a Personal Choice

By our choices or by what we’re focusing on, we are either helping to manifest our goals, or sabotaging ourselves.

The power that every single one of us has in common is the power of choice.

We choose to shape our lives according to the outcomes we want to have and based on the kind of contributions we want to make in this world.

Additional Quotes

  • Mind is the cause. Money is the effect. – How To Change Your Life by Stephen Pierce
  • If you want to change what’s in your hand, you have to change what’s in your head. – How To Change Your Life by Stephen Pierce
  • Make decisions based on what it is you want, not based on what it is you have. – How To Change Your Life by Stephen Pierce
  • There is no middle ground. Either you are growing, or you are dying, that is just the cycle of life. Period. – How To Change Your Life by Stephen Pierce
  • There’s the role that we play, and then there’s the role all the laws and elements play. Know your role and play that part. – How To Change Your Life by Stephen Pierce

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