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010 – How To Know Thyself – Lessons In Self-Awareness And How It Impacts Your Success


Know Thyself
Today’s Episode of The Success Sculpting Show is about How To Know Thyself.
The purpose to know thyself is to understand that being made as a uniquely powerful handcrafted stone by God is far more powerful knowledge to live by than to allow the lying crafty hands of another man or women to mold you into a mere brick.
There is a life breakthrough waiting for you in today’s episode, so let’s get started.
Here are the highlights and Show Notes from today’s episode.
Cancel, Don’t Counsel
We need to stop trying to counsel relationships that need to be canceled relationships.
The greatest desperation is to discover who we are;
  • When we don’t know ourselves, we create substitutes.
  • We substitute a life of substance for a life of substance abuse.
  • We prostitute our true identities for the coins of social acceptance.
  • We are addicted more to what others think than to what God thinks.
The substitutions, prostitution, and addictions leave one hollow;
  • So we don’t have self-esteem, we have shell-esteem
  • There’s no self-confidence, just shell-confidence
  • And our self-image is replaced with a shell-image
  • This is because what’s left of yourself is just the shell of ourselves, of who we really are.
  • Hard on the outside, hollow on the inside.
  • At the same time, we are fragile and easily fracture and fragmented when something or someone says or does anything to malign the fake self we are aware of and try to protect.
We live in a world where most people are driven by two things
  1. Impress someone else (Acts of idolatry to want their approval as if they are our God)
  2. Stress the thoughts and opinions of someone else (Acts of slavery to allow the words of others to snare our souls)
Ego Over The Soul
Instead of being driven by a soul seeking peace and expression, most are controlled by an ego seeking power and position.
People Feel Power and Position Is Important Because
  1. It impresses those we idolize.
  2. It lifts us up to become the next idol to be idolized (worshiped) by others
When You Know Yourself
  • When you know yourself, you can encourage yourself instead of discouraging yourself.
  • When you know yourself, you can support yourself instead of sabotage yourself.
  • When you know yourself, you can trust yourself.
  • Trusting yourself is a prerequisite to taking action
  • Taking action is a prerequisite to success in anything and everything
3 Primary Prerequisites of Success
  1. Psychological/Emotional (mind)
  2. Eternal (spirit)
  3. Physiological (body)
Dual Positions
  1. Interconnected (Spirit, Soul, and Body)
  2. Co-Dependent “Think it (mind), Do it (body) Endure it (Spirit)
The “Know Thyself” Prerequisites Of Success & The Attacks
  1. Trusting Yourself & Peace of Mind (Attacked by fear and anxiety)
  2. Self Image/Identify &, Worth (Attacked by rejection and low-self esteem)
  3. Decisiveness (Attacked by confusion, doubt, and uncertainty)
The Warfare to be Self Aware
  • People want to define you and confine you (Molding who you are)
  • People want to control you (Directing who you are)
  • People want to censor you (Smothering who you are)
Know Your “Perceived” Limitations (Blocks) (Complete these sentence stubs)
“I don’t ….”
“I can’t ….”
“I reject ….”
What To Know To Know Thyself:
  • Know Your Strengths
  • Know Your Weaknesses
  • Know Your Gifts
  • Know Your Skills
  • Know Your Opportunities
  • Know Your Threats & Opposition
  • Know Your Likes
  • Know Your Dislikes
  • Know Your Vision
  • Know “What” You Think
  • Know “How” You Think
  • Know “Who” Taught You How & What To Think
  • Know What Challenges You
  • Know Your Challenges
  • Know What Sabotages You
  • Know Your Anxieties
Your stability is not found by standing in the hands of another man, or women. Your safety and security is not found by seeking soul acceptance and social approval from those around you. Your stability, safety, and security can only be found by seeking the spirit of truth and the God who created both spirit and represents the truth.

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