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Stephen Pierce Momentum Mixx

Stephen Pierce – Momentum Mixx – Your Why and Your Willingness

This a Momentum Mixx motivational track message laid to music is about having your why and your willingness to succeed.

You won’t be willing to do whatever it takes to win if you don’t have you unmoveable, unshakable reason why you must succeed clear.

Your why is the fuel to your willingness.

Without your why your willingness will be hard to come by.

Your why will have you to do whatever it takes regardless of the obstacles, the setbacks, and the pain.

Your why will have you marching forward until… until you succeed. Always figuring out a way and shifting gears when one gear isn’t working.

With your why clear, you won’t be willing to do it “if” because there will be no contingencies. You will be all in on succeeding.

It doesn’t matter who believes you or believes in you. It won’t matter who goes with you and who abandons you.

Your why is all you will need and your willingness will be immeasurable, unconquerable and unstoppable… YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Once you realize you can be unstoppable, you will become unstoppable. It first takes you recognizing it and owning your own unstoppability.

So listen to this Momentum Mixx, allow it to pump you up, motivate you and get you going with unstoppable clarity on what you want and why you want it.


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